Games have a higher calling?

by Jon on May 8, 2010

Bostinnovation just posted an interview with me which they called “Gaming has a Higher Calling.

Maybe I *am* a bit idealistic; I think games are a great art form–the art form of the 21st century–and I think that games can often be a force for good. I certainly believe that there’s a lot of unexplored space in the game universe–lots of game mechanics, stories and motivators are still virgin territory. I think games have the ability to probe the human condition in ways that nothing else can.

If you’re into this stuff, I think you’ll enjoy the interview. For the record, however, Disruptor Beam is focused on entertainment (not education or edutainment products) although we talked a bit about that market during the interview (I also think they were a bit overly generous with their compliments about my role in the Boston game community, but who am I to argue?!)

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